Ring Size Guide


Hints and tips for guessing the finger size

As a rough guide, if you are guessing the finger size for a lady, we would advise you to opt for a size L for slender hands, size N for medium hands and size Q for larger hands. For a man's ring, choose a size S for smaller hands, size V for medium hands and size X for larger hands. Use this as a guide only; if it doesn't fit we will adjust/exchange the ring within your 14 day change of mind guarantee, charges may apply.


Which rings can/cannot be adjusted?

The amount of sizes a ring can be adjusted by largely depends on the style of ring and the setting. As a general rule, most rings can be adjusted up or down by roughly two sizes meaning guessing the size in the majority of cases will not be a problem. Rings without stones set into the band e.g. single stone/solitaire rings, tend to be much easier to adjust; often five or six sizes smaller or larger can be achieved.


Styles that tend to be more difficult/impossible to adjust include, but are not restricted to:


•  Full eternity rings (stones set all the way round) – cannot be adjusted

•  Some half eternity rings (depends on the supplier, please contact us) – difficult to adjust/cannot be adjusted

•  Invisible set rings (where multiple stones are seamlessly joined together to look like one larger stone) – difficult to adjust/cannot be adjusted

•  Rings with stone set shoulders – difficult to adjust/cannot be adjusted

•  Russian, patterned & diamond set wedding rings – cannot be adjusted (however sometimes you can 'stretch' a patterned wedding ring up 1 size larger)

•  Rings with concave shoulders (look for a 'scooped out' shape on the inside of the shank) – cannot be adjusted

•  Two/three part rings or rotating band rings – cannot be adjusted

•  Palladium & titanium rings (all styles) – Eternity do not adjust palladium and titanium cannot be adjusted

•  Rose gold plated rings – cannot be adjusted


For these such rings we will endeavour to exchange the ring entirely rather than adjust it meaning you will need to return the original ring in pristine condition. Please note this is subject to stock availability at the time of the exchange: if the size required is not available then we would be happy to offer an alternative product or a full refund.


I know the finger size but it isn't available online

Unfortunately it does either mean we have sold out of stock in that size, or it may be that you require a ring that is outside our standard size range. For rings outside our ranges J-Q for ladies and R-X for men, we would need to take a look at the stock levels to see if it can be adjusted using our existing stock or if we can order it directly from the manufacturer. These rings are excluded from your 14 day change of mind guarantee and are often subject to an extra 'bespoke item' charge.


If you know you need a very small size G for example, you can always contact us with your requirements and budget as we would be more than happy to suggest some suitable styles. For this and any further information please feel free to contact us prior to making the purchase and we will advise accordingly. You can reach us on 0141 556 6762 or by emailing us at enquiries@eternitythejewellers.co.uk.